Consulate/Embassy Office

Tourism Board

Visa : Canadians traveling on regular passports  require a visa to enter Cambodia. (Traveller is advised to contact the embassy to check visa requirements.)
Weather : Tropical monsoon climate. Monsoon season is from May to November. The most pleasant season is the dry season, from November/December to April. In the north, winters can be colder, while throughout most of the country temperatures remain fairly constant.
Clothing : Lightweight clothing is worn all year. Rain jacket is essential during the rainy season.
Language : Khmer (official) 95%, French, English
Time Zone : GMT + 7
Currency : Riel (KHR; symbol CR)
Drinking Water : Water for drinking, brushing teeth or making ice should first be boiled or otherwise sterilized. Bottled water is widely available.
Safety : Travellers should be careful with their own property, especially travelled by public transportation and beware of pickpockets.
Electricity : 230V/50 Hz; both American and European plugs common.
Country Code : 855

 The above information for reference only, for details please contact the tourist board.
Source: World Travel Guide